About Us

Since 2014 Lotus Software Solutions has been working with businesses and organisations, both large and small to provide technical and creative excellence in digital technologies.

Lotus Software Solutions has been offering exemplary mobile application development services to our customers. We have expertise on all major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and J2ME) and with our talented development teams, we are confident that we can deliver any mobile project. With cutting-edge mobile expertise and our competitive rates, we believe we are the industry leader and look forward to supporting you on all your mobile initiatives. We provide a range of services, making great enterprise apps to give customers the best experience on all devices, from native mobile apps to the web.

In addition to our Mobile Application Development expertise, Lotus Software Solutions also specialises in Desktop Software Development and Web Application Development. we are certain we can take on any software project and deliver in a timely and precious manner for our customers.